USB Safely Remove


Manage all USB devices plugged in your PC



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Nowadays there are a lot of external plug&play devices that are connected to the computer via USB. That's the reason why we offer you to day a good application to manage USB devices, so you make sure you unplug them safely.

Using USB Safely Remove gives easy access to all USB devices from the system tray and you will not have to use the Windows built-in application.

Just click on the icon in the system tray and you'll see a list of the connected USB devices (phones, removable HDs, mouse...) and in case you want to eject them, you'll only have to click them and you'll be able to remove them safely.

One of the most important advantages is the information provided in case the device cannot be disconnected properly.

Finally, USB Safely Remove allows you to hide and change the letter of the unit used for each USB drive among other configuration settings.
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